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Our Story



Considered amongst many, as some of "the best pastries in the world," this gourmet vegan patisserie first made headlines with its strong social impact and outstanding products to back its mission, most famous for its pillowy soft cloud like donuts. Cloudy Donut Co. is a brand of many first, it is NYC's first 100% vegan donut store and the first Black Owned food and beverage business in Brooklyn Heights and Nolita.


With over 50 flavors this outpost is a tourist haven known for its brown butter chocolate chip donuts, apple pie cinnamon rolls and sweet potato pound cake; for which all desserts are small-batched and hand crafted.


Known for limited quantity with an emphasis on storytelling, beginning with the design of the spaces to the curation of the music, merchandise and weekly flavor profile; everything is created with intention.


These experiences provide the consumer with a boutique feel, curated by Founder, Derrick Faulcon, along with Zewiditu Jewel, Leaders of The Brown Collective, which builds each space in a luxurious and harmonious way. Collectively, the two have created Worlds of Black luxury, which can only be told in a way that Black people themselves can articulate.

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